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Jul 1, 2017

I got a new dog. Things didn't start off very smoothly... 

The remedy for this situation was to hire a dog trainer. I did. And there are some great "customer service" and marketing parallels that I'm sharing with you on this episode.

Want customers who are more responsive to you and you offers? Listen up...

In This Episode:

  • How many people do you need on your mailing list?
  • What to do when you only have 1000 people on your mailing list
  • A business lesson from Methodists and Catholics...
  • The reason RED Podcast follows the format it does -- you'll want to keep this in mind with your podcast
  • How to make money with bad marketing
  • Why I thought Entrepreneur On Fire was fake
  • What Toastmasters and Freemasons have in common...
  • The reason people get better results when you dumb things down (it's not because they're idiots)
  • Bad kids -- why they exist (and what to do about them)
  • Building loyal podcast listeners... (This also works for bloggers)
  • The #1 way to sabotage your success when selling something -- are you doing this?
  • Why you should be consistent with your podcast (or email newsletter) release schedule -- and why you shouldn't
  • A "vegan chef" who opened his own restaurant (and almost lost it because he didn't understand why I'm talking about on this episode)
  • How to scare the $#!+ out of your customers!
  • Why vegetarians appreciate McDonald's (even if they don't eat there)
  • A way to keep people coming back to your podcast...
  • Dating advice from a married men
  • A lesson on how to dress from Creepy McCreeper

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