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Jan 30, 2016

I haven't talked about this publicly, but for the last couple of years I've been trying to "figure things out." The biggest problem was that my business wasn't as fun as it used to be...

So I did something about it last week. I've gotten feedback from people who were surprised by my decision, which I understand, but this has been a couple of years in the making, so it's not as shocking as it may sound when you first hear it. Putting out this podcast to document this period and also to have a place to send people who come to me with questions, because I'm ready to move forward.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why high-profile clients may never mention your name in public
  • How to tell a true artist
  • The original of "Cold As Hell"
  • What RED really stands for
  • Motor City vs. Sin City
  • My "factory" job -- do you have one?
  • Is 15 too old?
  • You don't notice this happening... Until one day you do.
  • When "what got you here" stops being fun
  • Why music on the radio sucks
  • "Country Music" = Village People
  • Working around piracy...
  • A good reason not to drop client names
  • The question people ask me wherever I go
  • A business lesson from dead musicians

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