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Nov 30, 2020

Your podcast, your book, and your "media" has a lot more in common with church than you'd think. And whether you're a public speaker, a podcaster, or a writer, you have a lot in common with a preacher and how he communicates.

Wayne Geiger is a pastor, adjunct professor of speech, speech coach, and former morning radio broadcaster. And these similarities are what we talk about on this episode.

If you want to spread a message, regardless of whether it's religious or secular, listen up.

In This Episode:

  • Keeping in touch with individual listeners (as opposed to “avatars”)
  • Disposable content
  • Introverted radio DJs and the problems they run into...
  • Preparing for "showtime"
  • Expectations of the audience (and how to deliver those expectations)
  • Do Christian podcasters have it worse than secular podcasters?
  • Do you really need a bigger audience?
  • Not forgetting why you started your podcast

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