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Dec 4, 2020

On RED 280, I talked about how I've switched to jumping rope for my main cardio exercise during the pandemic. I'd have a little experience with jumping rope previously, but was still pretty much a beginner, so when I got my ropes, I started looking online for info on how to do it correctly. That's how I found Nate KG.

I wasn't the only one. When COVID-19 hit the first time and gyms closed, tens of thousands of people like me were without a place to workout and, because there was a run on home fitness equipment, because it's cheap to get started, and because of people like Nate KG, many starting jumping rope.

As you've probably experienced, once you follow an account on Instagram or YouTube, you start to see similar accounts. This is what happened to me when I followed Nate. And now I'm following 10-12 people whose primary content is about jumping rope.

It's been interesting to see how this group of people interacts with each other and how each account differentiates itself. Also, how jump rope companies markets themselves through these accounts.

The business of social media is what I talk about with Nate. We also talk about the parallels of growing a business and jumping rope, because there are plenty.

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