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Sep 9, 2015

Feature-image11SEWe don't hear from Laurel Staples much any more... She co-hosted the first 150 episodes of RED Podcast with me, but now she's  focusing on helping coaches at Pro Coach Academy.

Laurel and I both work from home and, since we live together, that means the same house. Lots of people ask us about that, amazed that we can get anything done. 

This episode of RED Podcast is about how we do it and, if you're working from home, how you can get more done yourself...

What You’ll Learn:

  • The best type of house for people who work from home
  • Why you're not able to get work done (even if you work alone and have no interruptions from other people)
  • The "Hanky Code" (not this one, pervert)
  • Should you set office hours when you work from home?
  • How to let people know that you actually work for a living (even when you work from home)
  • Why people expect more of you when you work from home (and how to set expectations so they don't expect too much)
  • Two reasons why you should start important tasks early in the day
  • Living with somebody? This will help you get more done (regardless of whether the other person also works from home)
  • We'll call this a "Jedi Mind Trick." You'll feel like you're doing less, but you're actually doing more
  • Laurel's "woo woo" idea that will help you get more done

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