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Jul 31, 2020

In a way, my entire business was built on live events. As you can imagine, for somebody in the music industry, live events are extremely important to selling music, building connection with fans, getting the word out about an artist.

I've produced around 2000 live events, not only for others, but for myself as well.


Think about this – a "live event" is basically an advertisement for what you do. But unlike a traditional advertisement, people pay you to watch it, it's interactive, and it's experienced with friends.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and not being able to safely get a lot of people in the same room together, the live event business isn't as easy as it was. But the good news is, because there are fewer live events happening right now and fewer live events being planned for the future, it's a great time to jump into the live event business.

Let me be clear. You need to be safe. You need to take care of yourself and take care of the people you do business with. But this is possible, even in the current "pandemic" climate.

For example, you could do an online event. Or you could start working on a live event that will happen after we're done with the current COVID-19 situation and are able to safely get in the same room.

On this episode, I talk with Amy Broghamer about her first live event (done before the COVID-19 pandemic), how she filled the room, and what she's going to be doing with live events in the future.

Because we haven't been able to safely be in the same room for the last few months, people are ready to do that...when it's safe. And if you want to be ready to take advantage of that opportunity, you want to listen to this episode. 

In This Episode:

  • Your first live event - what you need to know!
  • Standing out in a crowded marketplace
  • Longterm relationships with customers
  • High-end customers who pay more money for the "same" service – how to charge more than your competition
  • Getting through hard times in your industry
  • Filling live events (including online events)
  • What people are really buying when they do business with you
  • The advantages of a small event
  • How important is food at an event? 

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