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Jun 5, 2018

I'm about 90 days away from releasing my new book on how to market yourself via podcasting. This is a book I started writing about three years ago and it's been a challenge to get it out. 

Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing a behind-the-scenes look at the writing and publishing of this book.

In This Series:

  • Writing a book (and rewriting it...three different times)
  • Hiring an editor, firing that editor (sort of), and bringing in two new editors
  • Resistance
  • Finishing your book, ripping it into pieces, and putting those pieces back together, in a new and better order
  • Doubt - What if this doesn't work?
  • Introducing yourself to a brand new market
  • Getting famous people to do a foreword for your book
  • Being turned down by famous people...
  • Having so many delays on your book people don't take your seriously anymore 
  • Editing down 120,000 words into 80,000 good words

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