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Oct 11, 2017

There's a guy in my neighborhood who makes a living going door-to-door and offering various products and services, usually odd jobs like lawn mowing.

I hired him and asked him about his business -- how he established it and how he keeps it going.

There's no better sales training than door-to-door work. You learn a lot about people and what makes them buy when you're nose-to-nose and toes-to-toes with them.

That's the subject of this episode...

In This Episode:

  • This happens every time a stranger knocks on my door...
  • The history of door-to-door sales in the United States
  • Why people put fruit in Jell-O
  • The reason successful entrepreneurs are always starting over... Always.
  • How I ended up in the music business (and how I was able to leave)
  • Where to start a business
  • "God vs. Satan"
  • You'll never believe why this lady didn't buy the exact same thing for a lower price...
  • How one "company" bought low and sold very high...
  • Instant Rapport - You've done this by accident (and how you can do it with customers)
  • Getting new clients
  • Leveraging old clients
  • How to handle when a potential client rejects your offer
  • Showing the market (and people in it) that you're serious about what you do...
  • Why Jon Acuff's new book is outselling his previous book
  • Pissing off kids in the neighborhood
  • The famous musician who said, "No thanks."
  • How BIG businesses are built

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