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Feb 27, 2017

This is a special episode which contains highlights of a conversation I had with copywriter Neal Samudre. This was originally intended for high-end clients of ProCoach, but the content was so good (and so flexible), I'm releasing it via RED Podcast.

The conversation centers around how to get more clients and build rapport via a five-step (and automated) email sequence. As this was something originally intended for coaches and consultants, getting more clients is what I focused many of the examples on. This five-step sequence is very flexible though and will work for a number of things including getting more podcast subscribers, webinar viewers, and live event attendees.

This five-step sequence is something you can launch today!

You'll benefit from listening to this. You'll also want a pen and paper to take notes.

In This Episode:

  • Want people to stay on your mailing list? The first email you must send when they sign up...
  • The essential action you want new mailing list subscribers to take immediately -- you must ask for this!
  • Building rapport with people on your mailing list
  • How to share your story in a way that helps you sell more
  • Want more of your emails to be read? Use this email marketing lesson from The Dukes Of Hazzard...
  • A "trick" used in direct mail which increases response to the emails you send in a big way
  • Have friends in AA? You've likely already seen this marketing technique in action... -- I'll show you how to use it for your business.
  • Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader (and how it applies to your business)
  • The real value of podcasting for coaches and consultants
  • How to get more people to sign up for your webinar
  • Transitioning your emails from information to a pitch for your services...
  • Have trouble selling things via email? This single line of text within the email you send will give you the confidence you need to ask for the sale (and get paid what you're worth)
  • Single? You can use this technique to get more dates...
  • Selling a service (or product) over $100? How to get that kind of money via email...
  • Want a sales boost? Use this technique from the Home Shopping Network
  • How live event promoters mess up their credibility
  • Emailing after your 5-step sequence is over
  • The best day of the week to send an email asking for money

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