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Feb 22, 2017

Do you enjoy rap music? If so, you've probably heard a lot of songs about "struggle and strife."

I'm not saying rich and famous rappers don't have problems, but what they talk about in their music of often a lot different from how they live their lives...

The same is true for entrepreneurs when it comes to "hustle." What we see on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media outlets isn't always what's happening behind the scenes.

So let's get honest about what it really looks like and talk about better options for you to get your work done...

In This Episode:

  • Why not all "work" is the same
  • A lifetime of work in 15 minutes...
  • The letter U and the number 2
  • Is "hustle" a fetish?
  • CHRISTIAN PORN?! Yes. (And they're showing it at church services!)
  • "And then I found Jesus..."
  • Why so many musicians end up on drugs (and so many others kill themselves)
  • What real hustle looks like
  • Have you written too many books?

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