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Jan 2, 2017

My grandfather, like a lot of Southern men, loved guns. When I was a kid, traveling "gun shows" would come through town and he'd come with them to sell ammunition. 

I'd tag along...

Working at these events was one of my first jobs. I got to know a lot of the dealers and see how they ran their businesses. On this episode of RED Podcast, I talk about the experience and what you, as an influencer, can learn from this $32,000,000,000 industry...

In This Episode:

  • Inside the $32,000,000,000 business known as guns
  • Grandpa's "lowrider" car
  • Rednecks with money
  • "Buy Low and Sell High" - what this really looks like
  • How to DOUBLE the money you make as a speaker
  • What drug dealers know about getting maximum price for their products
  • Why companies in Boise, ID (a cheap place to live) will pay you more money than NYC (a very expensive city)
  • 400% more money for driving one mile down the road
  • Are you wasting time with "Facebook Ads" and other tools to find new customers?
  • An easy way to segment your mailing list and send personalized, bulk email
  • How to be "the guy" - this is so simple you can start doing it today

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