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Dec 21, 2016

You can learn a lot about influence and human psychology by watching rock stars on stage. A solid frontman is as skilled at leading a crowd as any great political, religious, or social leader.

If you're really into improving your influence with large audiences, you need to study rock stars. And that's exactly what I'm doing on this episode of RED Podcast...

In This Episode:

  • Marketing lessons from the biggest mouth in rock and roll
  • The most annoying thing about public speakers -- never do this! NEVER!
  • What comics (and hookers) know about connecting with people...
  • A mistake speakers, comics, and other performers make when trying to connect with an audience
  • Cults (and good speakers) use this technique to build loyalty (and people love them for it)
  • Why retail clerks are assholes
  • The real estate agent who insulted my wife -- was this a sales technique?

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