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Sep 19, 2016

This episode contains my full interview with a high-end escort from Manhattan. We talk about the business of selling "time and companionship." 

This episode is not for everybody and it may not be for you. If you listen to RED Podcast around kids or at your office, it may provoke some uncomfortable conversations. 


In This Episode:

  • Advertising laws (and how to work around them)
  • Client acquisition
  • How to differentiate yourself when you're the product
  • Making clients work to hire you
  • Client compatibility -- how to know if somebody is a match for you before you start working together
  • The "Secondary Product" and what people are really buying when they hire you
  • Having connected moments with clients
  • Charging more money for your services
  • Negotiating with clients
  • Dealing with clients you can't stand
  • Getting fired by clients
  • Are you taking things too personally?
  • Balancing your work and personal life
  • Client confidentiality
  • Competition (and how to handle it)

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