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Sep 10, 2016

You think your business is tough? On this episode, I sit down with "Jill" to talk about her business as a high-end escort and the lessons you can learn from it.

This episode, while entirely focused on how Jill runs her business (not the services she offers), is not suitable for all listeners. 

In This Episode:

  • Why people are really hiring you
  • Taking things personally in business...
  • Client management
  • The psychology of online "reviews" (and why Amazon isn't so bad after all)
  • 9262 tips for having more sex
  • Why you're always thinking about sex
  • Are you having enough sex? A professional opinion...
  • 51 things to do while you're having sex
  • The girl who liked seamen so much she enlisted in the Navy
  • A recently discovered sex position 
  • You're thinking about sex, aren't you?
  • Still reading? If you're that curious, just listen to the episode...

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