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Aug 8, 2016

Daymond John of Shark Tank loves licensing deals, so it's no surprise he's licensed his name to a seminar company doing events under the name "Damond John's Launch Academy."

I got the invite in the mail and booked my reservations. And on this episode of RED Podcast, I share my experience as well as the lessons I learned from this event which will help you to sell more product, pitch better, and have your own successful events.

In This Episode:

  • My office with a strip club on top
  • Daymond John's VIP Gift Package
  • If you ever host a live event, NEVER do this... (Seriously, this was super uncool and didn't make it easy for me to buy)
  • Anatomy of a high-dollar sales pitch
  • Why you don't have any money (according to the staff of the Daymond John Launch Academy)
  • How to be like Daymond John
  • The easiest thing to sell people (it works every time)
  • What happens when you take $4000 and turn it into $100,000
  • How to word a guarantee (this sounds great to buyers, but it also gives you a nice safety net, so they can't abuse it)
  • Do you need money for your business? Daymond John has you covered...
  • Going from $39,000 to $13,000,000 -- how one entrepreneur did it
  • The "sidecar" marketing technique -- this can make you millions
  • Can a cab driver make more money than people at Daymond John's Launch Academy?
  • Without this, you have no business (somebody should tell all these "wannabe" startup companies...)
  • Making an investor pitch? Five things you need to know...
  • Short on money? How to get great employees for a fraction of what your competition is paying
  • A "high-dollar pitch" gets analyzed...
  • 5 elements of a perfect pitch -- How many of these do you have?

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