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Jun 17, 2016

Entrepreneurs have a lot of bad habits and many of these start with the bad advice we get. This bad advice doesn't come from people trying to deceive you as much as it does people who have picked them up from others because "that's the way we do things around here."

This episode of RED Podcast is about how to win the game of entrepreneurship, how to make more money, and have to deliver the most impact. And the way to make that happen might surprise you...

In This Episode:

  • Why the Jehovah's Witnesses came back to my house...again!
  • Bad advice for entrepreneurs -- the reason you're getting so much of it
  • Is you "skill" really just good luck?
  • There's a reason why the secretary is sexy as hell...
  • A 40-something social media expert? Are you kidding?!
  • Why it's a good idea to hire "older" employees (and why 20-somethings may be wasting your time)
  • The reason so many "New York Times Best Sellers" bomb
  • How to outlast (and outsell) the flashy "gurus" in your business
  • You can lose 87.5% of the time (and still make money)
  • The rule "happy entrepreneurs" follow when it comes to starting new businesses
  • Can you last long enough? (You may have received a spam email asking this question, but I'm talking about something different here...)
  • What makes entrepreneurs rich
  • How a small audience can mean more money for you
  • An entrepreneurship lesson from a legendary rock band who has sold 35,000,000 albums (you'll know their songs...)
  • Why people buy baseball tickets -- use this to make people buy from you
  • Where the real money is (and where people think it is) -- And why, for the most money, it's good to focus on both
  • What's that giant sucking sound? It's nerds taking all the fun out of starting a business!
  • The "EASY" business -- this is the way to make sure you don't hate your life when things really get rolling
  • How to get lucky

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