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May 31, 2016

Got a book for review written by a pimp. It's not normally the thing I'd talk about here on RED Podcast, but there are some important lessons in how it was done that you need to know.

Most books are boring. Most people are boring. This guy isn't. He has all three elements that it takes for somebody to have a successful book (and platform). 

Do you have these three qualities? Listen up...

What You'll Learn:

  • The only way to turn out a ho (just kidding -- this episode is about marketing)
  • How people can tell it's your stuff, even if your name isn't attached to it
  • Want a successful book? You must have this...
  • Why most books don't sell (HINT: it's not bad marketing)
  • Is "good writing" important to having a successful book? Not as much as most people think...
  • Do this and your book will write itself...
  • When "good marketing" actually hurts you
  • The downside of a book launch team (and why you may want to stay away from this type of book promotion)
  • What authors can learn about book promotion from the movie business
  • A marketing lesson from reality television
  • The lie people in the entertainment business tell (and sell)
  • How your customers are like pimps (this is always true -- even if you sell to celibate monks)
  • A secret Masonic ritual (and what it has to do with your business)
  • Why people are voting for Donald Trump

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