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Apr 2, 2016

How does one guy get paid more money for doing basically the same work as another guy who has similar skill?

That's what this episode is about. More importantly, I give you a couple of quick and simple things you can do right now to increase the money you get for the work you're doing.

What You'll Learn:

  • You know who else recycles? This famous rock singer..
  • Most people think this will make you more money. It won't. At least not directly.
  • The one word in your sales pitch that will get you more money.
  • How to spot a salesman who doesn't know what he's doing (even though he'll probably make the sale...eventually)
  • What can you learn from 21-year-old life coach?
  • Two things entrepreneurs learn with time that will help you charge more money for what you do
  • Why drug dealers who "go straight" often return to dealing drugs -- this applies to you (and your business)
  • The reason changes (in business or life) take so long
  • People don't question paying more money for a service when this is in place
  • A pricing lesson from a Hollywood pimp -- this will help you make more money instantly
  • The lie good musicians (and also movie stars) tell
  • Has you favorite celebrity had plastic surgery? Why you'll never find out for sure (even though it's usually pretty obvious)
  • Do these two things right now to get more money from your clients
  • Having trouble asking for big money from potential clients? This simple trick will fix that instantly.

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