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Dec 7, 2015

If you're on any kind of "entrepreneur" or "business" mailing list, you've probably received offers in the mail to attend a free or low-cost seminar...

Sometimes these offers are just to fill available seats that couldn't be sold at full price. If you've ever paid full price to attend a seminar or conference, never ask the people you meet there how much they've paid, because their answers will likely only make you frustrated. 

Same for hotel rooms. Same for airline tickets. 

But there is another way to market a seminar... Sometimes, everybody gets in free.

How is that possible?

That's what I'm talking about...

What You'll Learn:

  • How to make a lot of money with a free seminar
  • How you get on "opportunity" mailing lists even when you don't sign up for them
  • The top topics of opportunity seminars and why they're chosen
  • Trying to fill seminar seats? Try this trick... At worst, it will get people talking to their friends about you
  • Why I go to network marketing meetings (even though I have no desire to be involved in network marketing)
  • A direct marketing lesson I got when I was a kid (and how it still influences me and my business today)
  • Why my wife said, "NO WAY! Not this time!"
  • The reason why a legitimate speaker would get involved in a pitchfest scam
  • A marketing lesson from a Christian rock band (that's were I first saw it anyway...)
  • Snake handling
  • How to hypnotise your audience from the stage (or how you'll be hypnotized if you're in the audience...)
  • The synergy between high-pressure pitch seminars and network marketing
  • Why it can be a good idea to work for 20% of the money
  • The upsell...
  • Where the real money is made
  • How you can lose money on a seminar (but still make money eventually)
  • Is this a church or a business seminar? Apparently both...
  • The way to know what motivates people to take action
  • A reason to hang out with your friend who signed up for a network marketing company (even if that company is a scam)

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