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Oct 4, 2015

Using affiliates to promote your stuff is the "great white hope" of marketing. It's looks great on paper, but doesn't usually work out so well.

For most people.

For some people, those who know what they're doing, it works out great.

This episode of RED Podcast is how to make affiliate marketing work out well for you...

What You'll Learn:

  • The two ways to do affiliate marketing -- one makes a lot more money than the other
  • How Pat Flynn makes $100,000 (or more) every month promoting other people's stuff
  • Why "planting a flag" will help you make more money with affiliate marketing (in the long run) -- if you want money quickly, disregard this rule
  • A problem you're going to have when you start making good money with affiliate marketing (or even just a little money)
  • Two good ways to piss off people on your mailing list -- are you doing one without even knowing it?
  • How to get other people to see your stuff
  • What you need in place to get "super affiliates" (the affiliates who can sell anything they promote) to approach you
  • Want to get attention for your affiliate offer? My way of doing it...
  • An approach that will almost guarantee you'll get rejected when contacting potential affiliates
  • Exactly how much a good affiliate for your products is worth
  • The one "number" you must know when approaching affiliates -- it's way more important than the amount of commission you're offering
  • If you really want somebody to say "yes" to your affiliate offer, this is the way to do it...
  • How "100% Commission" offers really work
  • Building long-term relationships with "super affiliates" -- do this and they'll promote everything you have to offer
  • The type of products that don't work for affiliate offers...
  • A huge screw-up that people make when dealing with affiliates (and how to fix it)
  • How "loose lips sink ships" applies to affiliate marketing
  • Running your own affiliate software? What you must know before you pull the trigger on a promotion... 
  • You're going to get pissed if this comes up (and it will if you don't make "one simple rule" very clear when an affiliate promotes your product) 
  • The only thing you owe affiliate partners unless something else has been agreed to (and you should never agree to this upfront, because it's almost always a huge mistake)
  • What you must have in place to guarantee your business will be successful forever -- yes, forever
  • The biggest downside of affiliate marketing -- if you don't think about this, your business could die a very quick death
  • Do this and you'll be up $#!* creek (and without a $#!* paddle)
  • A mistake "self-employed" people make which almost guarantees they'll be working for somebody else soon

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