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Sep 9, 2015

Feature-image174Why are some entrepreneurs so successful while others continuously get lost in the crowd? More importantly, how can you be one of those "lucky" entrepreneurs who seems to have the magic touch?

Glad you asked, because that's the topic of this episode of RED Podcast...

What You'll Learn:

  • The best way to handle a “problem” in your business (or in life)
  • Why I’ll never work for McDonald's
  • What we did to promote things before Twitter and Facebook (it’s the same thing, only analog)
  • It’s a good way to promote things, but it’s illegal...
  • Rap guys — what they know about marketing
  • Your most valuable trait when marketing online (or offline)
  • A social media lesson from a head shop disguised as a record store
  • How to knock out your competition (and basically silence their marketing)
  • Why you should make a big ass mess in your business
  • Have a weakness? How to make it so it doesn't matter...

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