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Sep 3, 2015

Feature-image173It's every public speakers worst nightmare. You're giving a presentation when suddenly somebody from the audience interrupts with a negative comment.

What do you do in a situation like this?

Even if you don't do live presentations or stick online to online media, you're still at the mercy of your audience. And your online audience can be even worse, since there is a feeling of anonymity online -- people are less likely to see you as a real person and more likely to think they can get away with a nasty anonymous comment.

On this episode, I share my advice for dealing with hecklers, both online and offline...

What You'll Learn:

  • How the NRA lost connection with the American public (including many people who support gun rights)
  • Why you can't ignore hecklers in the audience (and how you should handle them)
  • What you can learn about hecklers (and haters) from a standup comic
  • A good reason to never go against the guy who is interviewing you (or a person that you're interviewing)
  • If you're a podcaster, this will eventually happen to you (even if you're prepared)
  • Don't be this guy
  • What mimes can teach you about public speaking
  • Are you married? Why you should always wear a wedding ring when giving a presentation
  • Why so many network marketing people fail
  • How the audience can work for you (or against you)
  • The "Argument Ladder" and how it works

Links To Things I Talk About:

Don't Let Your Friends Get Heckled. (Even though that would probably be hilarious...)

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