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Aug 23, 2015

Feature-image171Podcasting. It's a hot topic right now.

A lot of the "learn to podcast" guys say that everybody should have a podcast. That's not true. Podcasting is not for everybody.

Is podcasting for you?

That's the topic of this episode of RED Podcast...

What You'll Learn:

  • Two reasons why radio was the only game in town (until now)
  • How I got on broadcast radio (and why you might want to skip trying to do the same thing)
  • If you don't have "radio" experience, two things you can do to become a great podcast host
  • Why people aren't listening to radio anymore
  • A business lesson from radio -- this will apply to you even if you don't have a podcast (or never start one)
  • What put podcasting on the map
  • The two things you need to commit to in order to have a successful podcast
  • How radio affects podcasts
  • Starting a podcast for around $60
  • The biggest challenge you'll face as a podcaster -- this affects even experienced (and popular) podcasters
  • A podcasting lesson from book authors
  • What dedication to a podcast looks like (you'll need to do this)
  • Why audio is the podcast format of choice (and good reasons not to bother with video at all)
  • The truth about how many listeners you need to have a successful podcast
  • Competition in podcasting -- why it's good for new podcasts
  • How the iPhone (not the iPod) introduced podcasting to the general public
  • Is podcasting for you?
  • The "Ashley Madison" rule of podcasting
  • Starting a podcast for only $60
  • How to become a great podcast host
  • Why most podcast hosts suck
  • The reason this episode of RED Podcast is late...
  • A good reason to not even considering doing video podcasts
  • How to handle fans of you podcast
  • Can you really make money at podcasting?

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