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Aug 8, 2015

Feature-image169This episode is about two things...

  1. Finding people so ecstatic about your business, they beg you to take their money
  2. Recurring revenue

If you have both, you will have success.

But how? My guest, Robbie Kellman Baxter, is here to show you.

If you want a better relationship with your audience (and more revenue), listen up...

What You'll Learn:

  • Why you want your business to be like a "salty snack"
  • The best part about Netflix's business model (and something you can easily add to your business)
  • What happens when you keep a Netflix DVD 15 months
  • How credit card companies really make money
  • The real "product" being sold at Blockbuster Video (and how Netflix repurposed it)
  • Why people go to Netflix (instead of RedBox) and how you can use this same strategy in your business
  • The 2 things Netflix does which let it dominate the video rental industry
  • Tired of people haggling on price? How to handle it...
  • The key to business success -- I've heard Pat Flynn (and several other people) say this
  • Thinking about getting a tattoo? LASIK surgery? Think about this first...
  • Make a list like this and you'll soon have people knocking down your door to give you money
  • The first thing Robbie does when she takes on a new client to point him in the right direction
  • Want to set up recurring revenue for your business? Here's where to start...
  • A music industry trick that makes musicians 1800% more money (and can do the same for you)
  • 7 things you can sell via recurring revenue
  • A simple question to ask your customers before you set up a recurring revenue program
  • One you find somebody to sell to, doing this one thing is a must if you want to be successful with a recurring revenue program
  • What some people who try to do a membership site (or any recurring program) miss -- this will destroy your business
  • How to know when you (and your business) are doing well
  • The secret to getting current customers to train your new customers
  • Something you can learn from Jesus (even if you're not Christian)
  • SPORTS!! I can't stand them, but this aspect of how they're marketed is important enough to where even I pay attention to it
  • Are you married? You've experienced this...
  • What adopted kids know about culture that non-adopted kids take for granted
  • A sneaky trick (you've probably seen it done at Thanksgiving) that you can use to look like you're a great leader
  • The "credit circle" and why it's important to your business
  • CrossFit -- Why some people think it's a cult...
  • How to find "superusers" who will spread your message for you
  • Know any Vegans? A good reason to observe one...
  • What people want (before they buy anything from you)
  • How Salesforce shows VIP customers they care
  • You have a podcast? Who cares?!
  • Harnessing the power (and money) of your best customers
  • What you can learn about increasing customer loyalty from network marketing companies
  • The definition of "community"
  • A feeling of status -- how to give it to customers
  • The true value of writing a book
  • A pitch for every author
  • People aren't looking to hire a consultant, but they will hire one of these
  • Why podcasting is still the "wild west"
  • Fake authors vs. real authors
  • Looking to build a bigger audience? Listen up.
  • The only thing that matters to customers in the end
  • How to build a successful business on your own, without any staff

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