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Jul 28, 2015

Feature-image165Why would somebody pay money for a product that's available for free? Rob Cesternino knows. His podcast, Rob Has A Podcast, has over 1000 "patrons" who donate money to him monthly, even though Rob Has A Podcast is free.

On this episode, Rob shares how you can do the same.

If you want a better relationship with your audience, listen up...

What You'll Learn:

  • Why reality television is better than game shows
  • How Rob accidentally got into podcasting (and his current business)
  • What to do when nobody wants you
  • Want to be on reality television? Rob shares his secrets...
  • How to stand out from the crowd
  • The way to win at reality television (and also in business)
  • Is Gary Vaynerchuk using these techniques? You better believe it!
  • How to get the attention of a television casting director (or a business prospect)
  • The value of researching a situation before jumping in
  • What happens when you don't "win"
  • Being an "overnight sensation" -- what it's like
  • The true value of connections in business
  • How long does "fame" last?
  • What happens to reality television contestants after their shows are over
  • Why you never near from most American Idol contestants (and a business lesson you can use to make sure this doesn't happen to you)
  • Are you getting lucky?
  • When you don't have anybody to talk to on your podcast...
  • Balancing a dayjob with a podcast and blogging career
  • The "good thing" that would have killed Rob's podcast
  • The "bad thing" that made Rob's podcast take off like gangbusters
  • Asking your podcast audience for money -- the successful approach that Rob used
  • An approach for Patreon that will also work with Kickstarter or other crowdfunding platforms
  • FINALLY! -- A good reason to use Periscope
  • The real value of video on Patreon and Kickstarter
  • If you want to be successful on Patreon (or Kickstarter), you better have this going for you...
  • How Rob's podcast beat Serial (and other NPR podcasts) to win a Podcast Award
  • Your first 10 (or 1000) podcast listeners -- how to get them
  • What your podcast audience is thinking when they first hear you
  • The wrong reason to start a podcast (and a way to make sure your podcast will never make money)
  • Three ways to make money with a podcast
  • How to keep your podcast audience happy
  • Finding a hole in the market (and filling it)
  • Why television shows (and other events) go so well with podcasting

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