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Jul 18, 2015

Feature-image163Does social media really matter? For some people it does.

The real question is -- does social media matter for you?

There's no doubt a lot of people seem to be growing their businesses with the help of sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For every entrepreneur who is successfully doing this though, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, who are wasting their time.

If you want to be a leader on social media and use it to grow your business, listen up, because that's what I'm talking about on this episode of RED Podcast...

What You'll Learn:

  • The number one reason people are afraid of social media -- does this apply to you?
  • What would Seth Godin do?
  • Where the "cool kids" go... (HINT: It's probably not where you are. Sorry...)
  • "Showboating" on social media
  • Why social media is so bad for your emotional health
  • How many social media sites should you be on?
  • Which social media sites actually matter
  • We've all seen "that guy" on social media -- how to avoid being him
  • The best reason (in my opinion) to use Twitter
  • How and why spending time on Facebook is hurting you (even if you're on there to promote your business)
  • Most people use Twitter the wrong way...
  • A good reason to avoid email (as if you needed another one)
  • Why people use bots on Twitter (and why you shouldn't)
  • Thoughts about "entrepreneurs" who hang out on Facebook all day
  • The Kardashians of the "guru" business
  • Sharing too much on social media -- how it happens (and how to make sure it doesn't happen to you)
  • How people are "faking" social media and why you should be skeptical of what you see on it
  • Why you feel do bad after getting on Facebook (and a good reason to delete your account entirely)
  • This is titillating, but not very helpful... It will also damage your reputation as an influencer.
  • What real influencers do that "fake gurus" don't
  • Why you shouldn't believe your own press (or social media following)
  • The reason people pay big money to attend live events
  • Good news for people who absolutely hate social media

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