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Jul 12, 2015

Feature-image162I talked to dozens of professional speakers about how to better connect with an audience and effectively spread messages via public speaking. If you want to get better at public speaking, listen up...

What You'll Learn:

  • The first thing you must to in order to connect with your audience
  • Feeling judgement from an audience? Tips to help with that...
  • How to manage expectations (both yours and those of your audience)
  • One reason so many speakers are out of touch with their audiences
  • Rush Limbaugh's secret to building a massive (and dedicated) audience
  • Where to go when you want to know what your audience is thinking
  • Being evaluated by your audience? A simple trick to get higher ratings...
  • How to talk to a crowd -- this also works with people you meet at business events (and even blind dates)
  • Should you be "polarizing" and, if so, how far should you push things?
  • How to make money off haters
  • Humor in presentations -- why it works (or doesn't)

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