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Jun 25, 2015

Feature-image158Not all fans, customers, or followers are created equal. A "Superfan" will spend 100x more money with you than somebody who just casually likes you. He'll also help you spread your message, actually doing your marketing for you.

How do you create a Superfan? It's easier than you think. And that's the topic of this episode of RED Podcast...

What You’ll Learn:

  • "Superfans" -- What they are and how to create them
  • Why Apple makes so much money (and how you can use their method to do the same with your business)
  • Suck at marketing via Facebook? Why you shouldn't worry about it...
  • A marketing challenge from a baby-faced millennial who "gets" social media
  • Twitter -- a lot of people (maybe even you) are doing it wrong
  • The reason why Facebook is so sneaky (and why most people never get business from using it)
  • You wouldn't hang around people like this in real life, but you're probably doing it on Facebook -- Should you stop?
  • How people who buy online want to be approached (and sold to)
  • Why LinkedIn sucks for direct marketing
  • Two ways (of many) to make $1,000,000
  • Flipping marketing on its head -- when the seller becomes the buyer
  • Why some people are skeptical of building connections online (and how to work around this)
  • The real cost of free downloads (and how to work around this if it's affecting your business)
  • Psychology 101 -- this will help you build a connection with somebody quickly
  • A gentle reminder... It happened just last week, but you've already forgotten (and your customers have too)
  • Why people will buy from you (instead of your competition)
  • Social media sucks when it comes to this... (and how to make up for what it lacks)
  • How long it takes to build a "superfan" connection
  • One thing you'll never be able to download
  • Making sure price isn't an issue when you're selling something
  • Why people are scared to talk to you on the phone (and how how to get around this)

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