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Jun 20, 2015

Feature-image157The biggest asset you and your business can have is connection with people. This is what will allow you to make the most impact and make the most money.

And the best way to develop a strong connection with somebody in your industry? A live event -- a conference, a bootcamp, a seminar.

I've done dozens of live events in my career, from small, high-end seminars to large, multi-day conferences. This episode of RED Podcast talks about how you can do the same, hosting your own live event that both makes money and builds connection between you and your audience.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why most conferences (and other live events) lose money
  • The two types of "conference venues" you should avoid at all costs (one is especially damaging if you want to play in the big leagues)
  • Is an event making money or losing money? Don't be fooled...
  • Making money by giving away free tickets -- it's a "dirty secret" few people want to admit to, because it can kill an event's credibility
  • The cheapest place to hold your live event 
  • One for the show, two for the dough
  • Want to get people to your event? You better be doing this...
  • How to keep an audience entertained
  • Why so many events let speakers pitch
  • Do the numbers work?
  • How to reduce your financial risk and keep almost all the money made
  • The "casino secret" that almost guarantees a great experience for event attendees
  • What's the deal with doing events on cruise ships?
  • Never wear this to work (and never hold your event at one of these places)
  • Your conference venue should always have one of these nearby (at least if you want to be considered somebody to watch)
  • The "Orlando trick" -- use this to help sell tickets to your event (even if your event is nowhere near Orlando)
  • Why to never do you event in a small town
  • What the best (and most successful) live events have in common
  • The real reason people come to live events
  • How much should you charge for your event?
  • "Early Bird" pricing -- is it effective?
  • What you must know before offering tickets in advance
  • The reason why some people will want to pay more for your event than you're asking for
  • Why I skipped a $700 event (and why some people will skip your event if you're not aware of this problem)
  • How I lost $30,000 on a single event (and didn't even know until a couple of months later)
  • Why do a live event when the financial risk is so big?

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