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Feb 24, 2015

Feature-image122Clients suck. I knew a dude who used to wear a hat that said that.

And I can understand why...

But all clients? No. Some are amazing. The problems come when you get connected to the wrong clients.

This episode of RED Podcast shows you how to get unconnected...

What You'll Learn:

  • The two kinds of pain-in-the-ass customers
  • Why "no customers" is better than the wrong customers (even if you're getting paid)
  • Have a difficult customer? There is one good thing about this situation...
  • What happens when you focus on a difficult customer (it's not pretty)
  • It's not about you... Seriously, it's me, not you.
  • The difficult customer radio (and what you need to know about it)
  • A good reason to "fire" difficult customers and why one major mobile phone carrier did just that
  • Customer service lessons from a Los Angeles dog kennel
  • Crybaby authors on and what you can learn from them...
  • The only way to win in a customer service dispute
  • A customer service story about snow tires
  • Why you want to treat your customers like dogs ( should real a dog training book)
  • How to win an argument on the Internet
  • The way to fire difficult clients

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