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Feb 20, 2015

Feature-image121Do you want to wake up earlier? Are you feeling like you should be getting more done during the day, but you don't know how to do it?

Productivity expert Jeff Sanders is back to talk about what it takes to become an early riser, starting new (and healthy) habits, and how you can dominate your day...

What You'll Learn:

  • How to "flip your schedule" -- wake up early when you've been staying up late for years
  • The best thing you can do each morning to make sure you have a productive day
  • Why many productive people wake up early (and you may want to as well)
  • "Time boundaries" and how to set them with both co-workers and family
  • Where to go if you want to meet very successful people (and when you should go)
  • The different elements of success
  • How many big changes in your life can you make at once?
  • Sabotage from the people you think you can trust to help you (and how to spot if it's happening)
  • Why "less is more" when it comes to achieving goals and why this works
  • The problem with "sexy entrepreneurs"
  • A common relationship issue that happens when entrepreneurs date non-entrepreneurs
  • What to do when you're done for the day -- how to shut things down
  • The habits lesson from Alcoholics Anonymous
  • How long it takes to form a new habit (it's not as long as you think)

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