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Oct 31, 2014

It's Halloween! Want to see something scary? Take a look at your business.

Why? Because your business is likely dying a very slow (and possibly painful) death. And the really scary thing is that you might not even know it.

I'll share with you a story of a "guru" who, on the outside seems to be absolutely killing it, but on the inside is losing ground (and losing customers).

He has no clue it's happening.

I'll also share my story of how a dying business (or even a dying industry) can actually be a good thing...

If you want your business to live, you're in the right place. This episode is all about staying power and how to keep on top!

What You'll Learn:

  • Why you should care about Project X
  • Is your industry not what it used to be? This might be a good thing...
  • The "game" and how to play it
  • What "yes men" and silicone breast implants have in common
  • How people become famous
  • A reason why business is like the lottery (in good and bad ways)
  • Are you making the same mistake that killed the music business?
  • The danger of a single income stream (and how to fix it)
  • Why "fast" is good in business (if it doesn't kill you)
  • The real danger of being very successful
  • Flappy Bird and why it failed (even though it was making five-figures per day)
  • What's killing a famous guru
  • The reason innovation is on life support
  • Have a podcast? How to compete with John Lee Dumas (this is the opposite of what most podcasters are doing)
  • When "support" is bad (and I'm not talking about tech support...)
  • Too many people at your company? Probably.
  • A lesson for (and from) atheist alcoholics
  • The last thing you want in a mastermind group (and what really matters)
  • What you can learn from Rush Limbaugh (even if you can't stand him)
  • Where to "steal" good ideas
  • How I could have fixed the music industry (and why it didn't happen)

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