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Jul 30, 2014

Products don't sell themselves. If you want to go big with that you're doing, you need testimonials and reviews. This episode of RED Podcast tells you exactly how to make that happen...

What You'll Learn:

  • The way high-end products are sold
  • What people want from a company they do business with
  • Elements of a great testimonial (or review) -- we give you the specific blueprint
  • How to get your customers to talk about the real reason they bought from you -- this will help you sell even more
  • One question you should always ask when getting customer testimonials
  • A big reason customers won't buy from you (and how to get around it)
  • The market that has the best examples of testimonials -- you should model these!
  • Seven questions that guarantee a great testimonial 
  • Why "round numbers" won't help you sell anything...
  • The difference between video and written testimonials -- which is better?
  • Two things every testimonial should have
  • Don't assume this...
  • When you ask for a testimonial, make sure you include these two things...
  • The right time to ask for a testimonial -- don't screw this up! 
  • How to make it easy for people to give you testimonials
  • Most people don't get this (and it will hurt the testimonials you get)
  • What major publishers to do get great book testimonials (some people think it's sketchy, but it works...)

Links To Things We Talk About:

You Can Practice GIVING Testimonials Here...

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