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Jul 27, 2021

You take a risk any time you share a message, especially if you lean in to something. What happens if you say something that later comes back to be wrong?

This happened to a local (but nationally-known) radio host. After months of posting anti-vaccination information and conspiracy theories about COVID-19, he got the virus. He's currently in the critical care unit of a local hospital, fighting for his life.

It's a situation that we've all been in – we believe something (and act on it), only to have that "reality" flipped on its head. And, if you interview or work with other people, you've likely been in the situation of spreading the false beliefs of somebody else.

In This Episode:

  • The process of vetting podcast guests, guest post authors, and business partners
  • When to kill an inteterview or partnership
  • How close should a "values match" be when deciding who to work with?
  • The Christian Pedophile (more info on this situation here)
  • Going against guest or business partner opinions
  • Removing "bad information" you've released
  • Owning your past and making it work for you

If you're releasing information to the world and want to keep on top of your reputation as well as make sure what you're saying is both accurate and helpful to your audience, listen up!

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