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Dec 3, 2017

RED Podcast returns this week with an all new episode on persuasion and influence. Also coming soon... The "propaganda" film that changed marketing and with a backstory that change the way you think about marketing.

I've started a new podcast just for podcasters. It's called Big Podcast Daily and, as the name suggests, a new episode is released every day.

Big Podcast Daily was originally a temporary project that I started to participate in National Podcast Post Month, an event similar to National Novel Writing Month, where the goal is daily action, either podcasting or writing. The specific goal for participants in National Podcast Post Month is to release 30 podcast episodes in 30 days.

I started 15 days late, so I doubled up, doing 30 episodes in 15 days, in order to complete the challenge.

If you're a podcaster, in addition to Big Podcast Daily, I have some great podcaster-specific marketing content coming soon... I'm currently recording some advanced training to help you market your podcast and build a big audience which I expect to release in January. In addition, I have a live event in Nashville planned for April.

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