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Apr 30, 2015

Feature-image150One of the worst things about being an entrepreneur is having an idea that really excites you, but nobody else cares about.

And it's especially painful when even your own family doesn't care... But there is a big upside to this.

What do you do when friends and family don't support your business ideas? That's the...

Apr 28, 2015

Feature-image149Need more money? Regardless of how much money your business is bringing in, there will come a time when you run into a cashflow issue.

Then what? 

That's when you have to get creative with financing. And creative financing is what we talk about on this episode of RED Podcast...

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why money...

Apr 24, 2015

Feature-image148Seth Godin's 2001 book, Unleashing the Ideavirus, had a huge impact on how I do marketing. Over the next few years, I met him a couple of times and had a handful of email exchanges, but I didn't really know him.

In 2009, I decided to try and take my relationship with Seth Godin to a new level. This is the story... 

Apr 23, 2015

Feature-image147Why do some people have a ton of money while others are broke?

How can you bring more money into your life?

Is there a "secret" for making more money?

These are the things we talk about on this episode of RED Podcast...

What You’ll Learn:

  • The "life force" of money
  • Why money is like a conversation
  • Is not spending...

Apr 20, 2015

Feature-image146NMX, also known as New Media Expo, is a yearly conference for bloggers, podcasters and Web TV content creators. We just got back from NMX 2015 in Las Vegas and this is our review...

What You’ll Learn:

  • The best thing about NMX (or any conference)
  • Why most people attend NMX
  • What to expect in most NMX sessions
  • Is NMX...